Top 4 Fun Solo Activities

Enjoying your alone time is not a skill everyone has, especially not extroverts. Extroverts thrive on being around other people, they are social butterflies. Where the introvert recharges their social and mental batteries alone, the extrovert charges their batteries with other people. However, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there will always be a time when you’ll be alone. And quite frankly, time spent alone is time much needed for everyone. Spending time alone also doesn’t have to mean being completely alone, it’s all about doing things yourself.

Here are some fun activities to do solo. Spending time with yourself shouldn’t be a bore.

Activity 1: Visit a local museum

This is a great activity to do solo. It requires no talking and more observing the art at hand. You can walk around, read the descriptions, and witness history and/or art right in front of you.  These days, plenty of museums make use of technology to enhance the visiting experience, and these are great to experience by yourself. An example of that is the audio tours that the museum provides. Most of the time they’re free and you just pop on some headphones and walk around while explanations are told to you privately.

Activity 2: Enjoy the sunrise

This activity is great and sometimes even life-altering when done solo. Waking up early in the morning sounds awful, we understand. But once you get past the whole ‘I’m tired and it’s dark I wanna go back to bed’ part of waking up at the crack of dawn, finding a nice place to sit and enjoy the sunrise will really make you think about the beauty of life. You can find someplace outdoors, if you live in an area with hills you can hike it, or you can stay in your own place with a warm cup of coffee or tea and observe.

Activity 3: Play at an online casino

This activity is a bit more energetic than the other two. Playing at an online casino will bring just as much excitement as going to a physical casino would. If you’re an introvert and prefer not to go to a physical casino, to begin with, online casinos will do just the trick. You can play many games in the comfort of your own home, gamesasonline blackjackorslotgames, ormore at

Activity 4: Try something new in the kitchen

Finding a fun recipe on Pinterest, buying the ingredients, and finally making the meal is a fun solo activity. Your mind will be totally stimulated while cooking and you can listen to a podcast or some music, or even a movie. If the meal turns out amazing and you love it, then you’ve learned a new recipe you can make later one again, and if you didn’t like it then you can just try it again with another recipe. This goes for baking as well, experimenting in the kitchen is a lot more fun when you’re cooking for yourself. Lots of people find it therapeutic.